Genii is a leading provider of casino games with over 70 slot titles available on different sites. They focus heavily on the iGaming industry and bring a lot to the table for their customers who demand quality content, as they have experience along the way growing exponentially since 1998 when it came out that this industry would be ever-growing. A leading iGaming technology provider, Genii has been pumping out content and services for over 18 years. They understand that there is a high demand for quality casino games which they can provide; as such, their company possesses an array of experiences in this industry. They have been successfully targeting their casino games towards Asian casino markets.


One of their most popular slot games, 7 Shakras is very well exposed in India, China and Japan to name a few countries. Their other games like Small Soldiers are available on many different casino sites including CasinoNZ which get great exposure worldwide and allow international customers to play with a single touch! They’ve been around for over 15 years too so you know the quality will be top notch in every game created by them – no corners cut here. The Genii team understand the importance of creating a game that is interesting and engaging for all players. To achieve this, they include 3D animations and great sound effects in their games to provide every player with an optimal experience regardless of where they play from.


If your device does not support these features or there are any issues with it during gameplay you can contact them directly on their website using Mail app – which will connect you to one of their customer service team members who’ll do their best to resolve your issue as soon as possible! They’ve also been verified by the Gambling Commission meaning they’re 100% legal & safe while playing online. They only release perfect projects and strictly follow their five pillars in every piece of content they create. These pillars are Excellence, Creativity, Intelligence, Expertise and Originality. They believe that they make a difference in iGaming projects by bringing them to life with every release they do for their clients.


To get the best results when creating your own game or product you need knowledge and unique ideas about what works well together – this is where these five elements come into play! There are some fun games on this page for you to test out, or head over to their website. Don’t miss out on their most popular games, Sands of Space and Shells n Swells. They guarantee that if you try them out for yourself, they’re up there with the best! You can play these fun games here at CasinoNZ at any time or you can try out some of the games below. Gamble responsibly!