Anakatech is a company that was founded on the pride of creating a quality user experience in everything they make. They were established back in 2012 and have continued to expand their reach, experience, as well as improve the overall customer experience over time. Their main office sits within Sofia – Bulgaria’s capital city – but they are not limited with their customers or users; any person around the globe can be one! Not only do they create excellent products for you to enjoy at all times, Anakatech also has an HTML-5 framework application so if you’re away from home or travelling abroad everything is still easily accessible.


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They know how important security is to their customers, so they take it very seriously by making sure all transactions with them go through an encrypted connection which guarantees safety during financial transfers. Since the start of 2018, their team has been operating in a beautiful new office space. The Telus Tower is situated right at the heart of Sofia and provides them with improved working conditions to maintain excellence for many years into the future. They are so grateful for this opportunity because it allows them to bring an even better-quality experience than ever before! Their casino games are played in casinos all over the world. From Austria, Canada and Japan to Bulgaria and everywhere else! This is because they’ve got a solid team of experts who spend their days designing safe-to-play entertainment for any player out there—no matter if they’re beginners or old pros.


Anakatech have an extensive library of both high-quality new releases and old favourites that are sure satisfy your gaming needs. With such a variety, it’s easy enough not only for gamers but also casual players as well. You won’t be able to beat them in terms of what they offer–their variety is unmatched by any other gaming service provider out there. Give one or two of the games below a try for yourself; I’m sure they’ll impress even just after playing them once!