Video poker is an exciting way to play this classic casino game. However, if you have never played online video poker before, you will need to learn the basics. Don’t worry, here we cover the things you need to know to get started.


Online Video Poker Basics


To play online video poker, the first thing you need to do is place your bet. You can do this by selecting the size and number of coins, then click ‘deal’.


After clicking ‘deal’, you will receive five cards. Once you have had the opportunity to look at your cards, you can then decide which cards you wish to hold and which ones you want to swap for other cards.


To do this, you simply click the cards you wish to hold. In online video poker games, you can hold as many cards as you want to or trade all of the cards you were initially dealt.


Once you have decided which cards you wish to hold, you will click the draw button to replace the cards you did not hold with new cards. After this process is complete, you will have your hand for the online video poker game.


The final hand you have will be compared to the payout table. Where you are a winner, this will determine how much you have won.


Strategy Tips for Online Video Poker


Online video poker strategy is based on which cards you choose to hold, and which you choose to replace. This is what makes online poker an interesting, exciting and strategic game to play. One of the most significant advantages of online video poker is that you have some time to think clearly about the cards you wish to hold. You should consider the odds, the probabilities and the payouts of each potential hand. Players have more of an opportunity to consider their options rather than making snap decisions about which cards to keep.


Wild Cards in Online Video Poker Explained


Several online video poker games feature a wild card. This wild card may replace any other card in the pack to create a winning poker hand. Wild cards often allow you to complete hands that would otherwise be impossible. This is another major attraction of online video poker.


How do I win at Online Video Poker?


Each game has its own rules about the minimum hand a player needs to win a game of online video poker. Some games you need a pair of 10’s, others a pair of Jacks or Kings and in some, you may need three of a kind.


Double or Nothing Explained


When you win a hand of online video poker, you will be given the choice of Double or Collect. If you choose to collect, you will receive a payout of your winnings. However, if you choose Double, you will have the opportunity to double your money by selecting a high card. There will be four cards set out face down, and the dealer’s card will be face up. If you choose a card higher than the dealer’s, you will double your winnings.


Here at Casino NZ, we have a number of exciting online video poker games for you to try. Now you understand the basics, you can start playing today.