The term ‘slot games’ derives from the classic fruit machines that remain an important part of bricks and mortar casinos. More specifically, the word relates to the slots where coins are fed into and hopefully, payout when you have a winning spin.


In this digital age, the term ‘fruit machines’ has fallen into disuse and we now refer the game as online slot games. The principles and the way in which we can win cash prizes remains very similar so, now that we know how online slots originated, it’s time to learn how to play.


Spin the wheel


There are thousands of slot games to choose from and each will have a slightly different approach to game-play but they all tend to follow a similar pattern. Online slots have a base game and, within that game, there are special symbols that set off bonus rounds.


At the very start, the player has to match images across a fixed pay-line in order to win a cash prize. In general, it is common for slot games developers to offer two types of symbol. The higher-paying options will relate to the theme of that slot while there could be lower payers depicting letters and numbers from a regular deck of playing cards.


Each slot will have a pay-table so, you can find out exactly which images pay what when they line up along one of those pay-lines. A pay-table should also let you know how many of those pay-lines are in play.


That’s essentially what you can expect in any base game but what about the bonus symbols provided by online slots?


Special symbols


Special symbols in online slot games can generally be split into two categories – wilds and scatters. A wild has the job of substituting for other images on the reels and by doing so, players have an extra chance to find a winning combination.


A wild will not replace the scatter symbol which is the key to bonus rounds. A scatter is given its name because it doesn’t have to align across a pay-line in order for those bonus features to be activated. As long as a minimum number of scatters land in view on the reels, the special round will be triggered.


What can you expect from those bonus features? Often, the scatter will lead to free spins and, as the name suggests, players will earn extra spins without having to dip into their bankroll. Other bonus features that could be activated by the scatters include pick games where players select a hidden prize or there may be a Wheel of Fortune that selects the prize automatically.


There could also be extra features during the spins round such as additional wilds. Bonuses will vary in these online slots but this is where the bigger prizes lie.




Casinos like to publish offers and promotions attached to online slot games. Often you will see free spins being included and these can commonly be found for the most popular titles such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Free spins are an excellent way to get used to how an operator works and you could walk away with a cash prize subject to terms and conditions.


Another popular offer is a no deposit bonus that can be redeemed on the slot games. This is a similar promotion in the sense that it helps players to become accustomed to a site before they start funding with money of their own.


Once again, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest can be played via these bonuses but you can also get used to other slot games such as Book of Dead.


Where to Play


We’ve mentioned some of the most popular online slots around but there are hundreds of titles to enjoy. All of the games here can be played right here on CasinoNZ on desktop or they can convert easily to handheld devices for those that prefer to play mobile slots.


The choice of game-play is yours and while every slot game is different, they all combine entertainment with the chance to land some generous cash wins. Hundreds of games are primed and ready to go and all they need is for you to log in and get involved.