What are live casino games?


Live casino is unlike online casino. A live casino is played against a real-life dealer who interacts with you in the game in real-time. This is perfect for someone who wants the experience of a real casino interaction without the RNG (random number generation) from the comfort of their own home. Many people prefer having a real dealer interact with them when betting, which is why live casinos are growing in popularity alongside RNG-based online games.


This will make casino games such as blackjack and roulette all the more immersive and exciting, as a real dealer is spinning the wheel or shuffling and dealing your cards live on a stream.


Like any online-based casino platform, you will need a sufficient internet connection to be able to play without issues. This is something you should make sure to check before you play or it could end up costing you your bet!


RNG-based slots are used by online casinos worldwide and are generally trusted (some platforms even go as far as using third-party systems to audit their practice), but they lack the authenticity and the immersion of a real live dealer on stream that interacts with you as the bet plays out.


This is surely the best substitute for being there at the casino yourself and is certainly more comfortable.


How to play live casino games




Blackjack is a popular classic among online live casinos. The rules of blackjack are as follows: The objective is to possess a card count valued higher than the dealer but must not go over 21. You are dealt 2 cards which will amount to a total under or equal to 21. If your hand is under 21, you can opt for another card dealt until you are either bust (exceed 21) or stick (keep current cards). The value of your cards is compared to the dealer’s and whoever is closest to 21 without going bust wins.




Roulette is another popular classic made even more accessible in the live casino. The objective is to pick a number the ball could potentially land on, which can include numbers from 0 to 36 (with 0 being the highest-winning). This can be placed with one or multiple bets if you want to cover a range. The wheel is spun, and the ball will land on a number. You will win if the ball has landed on a number that your bet has covered.


Lightning roulette


This is a variant of the classic roulette. The playing rules are similar to regular roulette with the addition of ‘Lucky Numbers’, which are used to place several bets with multiplied chances of winning.


What are live casino game promotions?


Promotions are limited-time offers that incentivise people to try out slots. There are a plethora of online or live slots that are in competition with each other, and promotions help drive traffic to their games. These are typically offers that allow you to try out select games with bonus funds.


These bonus funds will allow you to bet without putting your own money in. These may come with restrictions, such as a minimum bet amount before any winnings are available for withdrawal.


Another incentive that comes with this is that you’ll have more time to adjust to the game without losing your own money due to inexperience with the slot.


You should note the terms of the promotions that take your fancy. Some of them are open to existing customers, and some are exclusive to new customers.


Benefits of live casinos


Live casinos and online casinos are two sides of the same coin. With the right platform, they are both reliable and trustworthy. However, there are benefits to the experience of a live casino you just can’t get with regular online slots.


Firstly, there is authenticity. You are interacting with a real-life dealer rather than a computer which generates random numbers.


The main attraction of online live casino games is immersion and comfort. You get to be in an environment which closely simulates a real casino, only the dealer is no simulation – they are real people. What’s more, you get to experience this from the comfort of your own home.