What are jackpot slot games?


There is more to jackpot games than you might think. While they are played in a similar way to other online casino games, they carry the added excitement of winning big. Certain jackpot slot games allow you to win thousands of pounds, and there are plenty to choose from.


How to play jackpot slot games


How you play a jackpot slot game will depend on the type of jackpot available in the game. When you place a bet in a jackpot slot, a proportion of this bet is added to the progressive pot, until a winner takes the jackpot. The jackpot becomes more valuable over time, allowing you to win big. After the jackpot has been won, the value of the progressive pot will reset, and the process of the game can begin over again. The total jackpot available to be won will depend on the slot, as well as how many people have played the game so far, building up the progressive pot. To see how much you could win, you can check the prize pot value in the game’s thumbnail. This can help you decide which slots to play.


As part of game-play, jackpots are triggered at random, and there is no guarantee of triggering it during your game. There is no way to predict when it will be awarded.


Jackpots are triggered at random, so there’s no guarantee that you will trigger it, and no one knows when it will be awarded. At NZ Casino, we have an impressive collection of jackpot slots games, check them out today and win big.


Online jackpot slots games rules


Generally, jackpot slot rules are almost identical to those of any slot game. However, it is essential that you understand the paytable and RTP percentage of the game you have chosen to play before you start. A portion of each bet you place will go towards the progressive slot, but there are plenty of other prizes available at different stages throughout the game with big multipliers. So it is not all about the jackpot.


Jackpot slots terms explained


Fixed jackpot – this is where a jackpot awards a fixed prize sum.


Progressive jackpot – This is where the jackpot prize increases each time a bet is placed on a jackpot slot.


RTP – this stands for ‘return to player’. It is essential to understand RTP because it indicates the amount provided to players by the jackpot slot game over time.


Reserve pot – this refers to the prize pot available after the progressive pot has been won. The reserve pot ensures that the progressive pot is never empty.


Promotional pot – We will discuss this in detail below, but this pot is a special jackpot prize pot that increases every time a player places a stake on the relevant jackpot slot.


What are jackpot slots promotions?


Daily jackpots – As you may have guessed, daily jackpots are a pot that is available to be won once per day in addition to regular wins. As part of the game, the daily jackpot will grow progressively each time a stake is placed.


Must-go jackpots – Must-go jackpots are also won on top of standard jackpot slots games winnings. Must-go jackpots are available across several games and will be advertised alongside the game. Similar to daily jackpot games, must-go promotional jackpots also use a progressive mechanism to build up the pot. However, must-go jackpots will be won before they reach a certain amount.


King jackpots – A king jackpot is linked across several games. Each game linked to the king jackpot will contribute 0.25% of a player’s stake or more per spin towards the jackpot at reserve jackpot.


Jackpot king – Jackpot king games provide another opportunity to win multiple cash prizes. Similar to the king jackpot, the pool is connected across numerous games. Each game linked to the jackpot will contribute between 0.50% and 1.00% of a player’s stake per spin towards the prize-pool and reserve jackpot.


Benefits of jackpot slots


The benefit of online jackpot slots is that they are exciting! You can win a life-changing sum of money with a single bet. Playing reputable games with a trusted online casino can ensure you the best chance of return. Check out our online jackpot slots games here at Casino NZ.