It does not matter whether you are actually in a casino or playing online at home, blackjack is a very popular game on the casino landscape. If you are new to the game, it is worth getting to know how it works before you sit down at a table and gamble your money. Here is our guide to playing online blackjack.


Placing a bet


When you have chosen your seat at an online blackjack table the first thing you need to do is choose the size of your bet. There will be different chip sizes in the corner of your screen. These are usually 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. Click on the chip number and then click into the box to place your bet. Each time you click another chip will be added to your bet.




Once you have chosen your bet and hit deal you will be presented with two cards. The dealer will also have two cards. On some games, you will see one of their cards upright and on others none at all. You could be faced with up to four options on what to do next.


Hit – This is asking for another card. If the two cards you have been handed do not get you anywhere near 21 – say you have a King and a 2 – you might want to take another card in the hope of enhancing your hand.


Stand – If you are happy with your hand, or it is too close to 21 to risk taking another card, then you might want to stand. This can also be a worthwhile move if you see the dealer has a five or a six. He will have to flip a minimum of two more cards over and would have every chance of busting his hand.


Double down – Another option you are faced with is the double down bet. If you are dealt two low cards you will get the option of doubling your bet and receiving one more card only. If your base cards add up to 9-11 this is a strong move as if your next card is a 10 you’ll have a very powerful hand.


Split – This option comes along if you have been dealt a pair and requires you matching your original stake. You will be able to split the cards and create two hands to take on the dealer with. This is best done with low pairs which are hard to enhance to a decent total together.




The payouts in blackjack are pretty easy to remember. Every winning hand that is not a blackjack pays even money. If you get a blackjack which is not matched by the dealer then you will be paid out at a 3:2 ratio. If you finish with the same total as the dealer that will be a push and you will get your stake back.


Side bets


There are some nuances of blackjack online that allow you to make side bets. These see you looking for your original cards to be a pair, the same suit or the same colour for a return. If you are at one of these tables check out the betting options before you play.


If online blackjack is your thing and you are based in New Zealand, England or Sweden, or you want to play it for the first time, hit the blackjack tab on this site now to find a table ready for your blackjack needs.