Atlantic City Blackjack Game Review

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Atlantic City is often considered to be a gambling Mecca, so it is no surprise that Microgaming have created a Blackjack game inspired by the sumptuous casinos of Atlantic City.

As you would expect from this leading developer, the game features realistic graphics, ambient sounds and a user-friendly interface.


In terms of actual gameplay, Atlantic City Blackjack is based on the rules of standard Las Vegas blackjack. However, this specific game features an 8-deck shoe which cards are dealt from with the added bonus of a late surrender rule. The aim of the game is to land a better hand than the dealer, by obtaining a total card value of 21, or as close to possible to this. At the start of each new round the shoe is shuffled and the cards are dealt, with players able to stand, hit, split, double down or buy insurance. The dealer is able to peek for blackjacks when showing ten-value cards or aces, with the dealer also being required to stand on values of 17 or higher. If a dealer lands a blackjack, they automatically expose the value and players lose their wager unless they also have naturals to push the dealer’s blackjack.


The gaming controls are designed to be as simple as possible, however, it is the visuals, the dealers and the ambient background music which bring Atlantic City Blackjack to life. The design is based on a typical casino lounge style, with professional dealers narrating the game. The table includes a great level of detail with chips, cards and bet options easily accessible. The actual mechanics of the game are smooth, with cards gliding across the table with a crisp yet natural flow.


Players who enjoy a fast-paced game will enjoy the Quick Deal feature, which can be combined with the Auto Re-bet feature. This enables players to place bets automatically so that they can sit back and enjoy the action.


There are no bonus features and this specific table does not support side bets. Instead, this game will suit fans of table games, with casual players and high rollers both finding Atlantic City Blackjack an enjoyable option.

Return to Player (RTP)

The table accepts minimum bets of 1.00 and maximum bets of 200.00, with a possible pay-out of 3 to 2 for blackjacks and winning hands paying even money. If you choose to take out insurance, this reduces the standard pay-out down to 2 to 1. In theory, a long-term player following a basic strategy would have a return to player percentage of 99.65%.

CasinoNZ Verdict

This game is a must-try for blackjack fans who enjoy rules such as late surrender, particularly as the game benefits from a low house edge. In fact, it is one of the lowest house edges any player will be able to find at any online casino. One thing is for sure, this game is certainly worthy of its name and we recommend that you add it to your list of online casino favourites.

CasinoNZ Score: 4/5