American Blackjack Game Review

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American Blackjack Game Review

Here in this American Blackjack Game Review, we will aim to give any potential card sharks out there the rundown of how to play this game, what the return to player rate is, and if there are American Blackjack Bonuses to speak of.

Background and Visuals

Betsoft are predominantly known for their online slot games, but they have branched out slightly here with their own take on the popular casino game Blackjack. Given their reputation for designing engaging and attractive slots, it won’t come as a shock to anyone to see this game also looks great. The background, card and chip design will make you rub your eyes to check you have not somehow been transported to a real life casino.

An understanding of how the table game works will certainly help when giving the American Blackjack Slot Game a try, but for those of you who are new to this world, there is nothing to fear, as it is relatively straightforward to get a hang of (and reading this American Blackjack Slot Game Review will certainly help!)


Before the cards are dealt, players will need to select the value of chips they wish to bet with. The tokens start at just 1, then go up to 5, 25, 100, finishing at 500. Players will then select the number of chips they want to bet for this hand.

Players will then be dealt two cards. The aim is to have your cards value be as close to 21 as possible. Once the two cards have been dealt, you can then choose to receive an additional card (by clicking the hit button) , separate your two cards (selecting the split card) or stick with what you have (which can be done by using the stand button). If you choose to hit, and go over 21, then you are bust, and the round is over.

The dealer will show which cards they have, and have to stick by two simple rules. They will always choose to hit if the value of their cards is below 17, and they will always stick if their cards are worth 17 or above.

You will only see one of the dealer’s cards initially; if it is an Ace, then they could well have Blackjack (an Ace and a Jack, Queen or King). If this occurs, you can purchase insurance, at 50% of your initial stake. It can be a smart idea, to ensure you aren’t completely beaten if this happens.

American Blackjack Bonuses

Because this isn’t a traditional slot game, and is based on the popular table game, there aren’t any American Blackjack Bonuses to speak of. However, we still believe that players will have a great time with this game, certainly if they want the feeling of playing at a casino without having to leave their own home.

RTP Rate

The return to player rate is 95.34%, which is ever so slightly lower than some other online slot games.

CasinoNZ Verdict

If you want a break from playing online slot games, and want to feel like you’re in the glamorous setting of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, then this is the game for you. Despite there not being any American Blackjack Bonuses on offer, with a bit of skill and determination you can still walk away a winner from this game.

CasinoNZ Score: 4/5